Thinking about why kitesurfing has such an impact in our life, and revolutionize it for the better, we clever donkeys came up with this:


  • It gets you closer to nature. The sun. The wind. The surf.

  • It’s the closest you’ll get to actually flying

  • You become part of a community. The kiteboarding community in generally a warm and welcoming one.

  • It offers a full-body workout. Kitesurfing includes both a cardiovascular and resistance element, so it helps you get fit and tone. Expect a strong core and upper body.

  • It improves your co-ords and concentration. You have to keep an eye on the wind, and make snappy decisions on navigating and jumping. This helps train you to have better reaction times to situations overall.

  • Richard Brandson said:

“there are very high powered people − like Larry Page from Google and others − that kitesurf, and I think they do because they see it as therapeutic, as well as a lovely way to keep body fit”.

Watch his video here



Take kitesurfing lessons!!!


We at Toughdonkey, want you to learn in the safest and most professional way.

We only give one on one lessons and with the latest kite equipments.

So… this is how you will learn how to kite. The duration of the course and learning may vary, but this is generally the structure of a kite course from beginning to riding upwind.


Step 1: Kite Flying


In this first step, you will learn how to fly a trainer kite on the beach and then you will fly a proper power kite. The goal of the lesson is: learn basic Kite Control & Safety.

This is a beach lesson, you will get a lot of information and technique about kitesurfing.

If you want to know more about this lesson, click HERE and you will find videos, tutorials…


Step 2: Body Dragging


Body dragging is a crucial kitesurfing skill

In this second step, you will learn how to Body Drag with power and Water Safety.

Before your first body drag your instructor will explain and show you how things should be done before you go into the water independently while controlling the kite. You will then use your kite to generate power and use that power to body drag yourself safely back to the beach.

You will learn how to relaunch the kite in the water, how to body drag upwind for board recovery and how to generate power with the kite.

Step 3: Water start


In this third step, you will finally get on the board! You will learn how to waterstart and do your first rides.

Step 4: Riding


In this lesson, you will learn how to ride upwind and do controlled stops.