Dominican Republic – Learn how to kitesurf

Trip in Cabarete, República Dominicana

  • 9

    days experience
  • 8

    people max
  • 20

    knots of wind (hopefully)
  • 1

    Toughdonkey Kite Instructor per person


The Journey

Learn a new sport, make new friends, enjoy nature and get out of your comfort zone!

I, Massimo, co-founder of toughdonkey, personally started kitesurfing in Cabarete during my expat year (7 years ago now) in Dominican Republic. This sport changed my life and after leaving my corporate job, I decided to travel the world looking for waves and wind in Central America, Europe, Asia, Oceania. Only then I realized what a special place Cabarete was.

I went back, became a kitesurfing instructor and lived in this little town for a while.

That is why Cabarete is the first and will always be the main toughdonkey kitesurfing destination. We want to share with you the magic of this little caribbean town and make you fall in love with it too.

Cabarete is the hidden gem of Dominican Republic, a small, laid-back town and it is the adventure capital of the Caribbean. Located in the north coast of Dominican Republic, facing the blue atlantic ocean, it has some of the most consistent waves in the world, making it a kitesurfing mecca. With toughdonkey, you are going to live the authentic and local vibes of Cabarete and you will enjoy its good local atmosphere, food, nature and wind!

Cabarete will be your main destination, but we will bring you to other towns and places like Monte Cristi, Samana…

Why Cabarete? Read our blog post here .

The main activity of this trip will be Kitesurfing.


During this trip you will learn how to kitesurf. If you are already an experienced kitesurfer, we have another trip tailored made for you, where you will improve your skills thanks to advanced class with Dominican pro-rider, downwinds, flat water sessions, wave sessions, videos…

You will have a personal instructor following you from the first day on the beach to the day you are confident riding alone. We want safety to be the main point. If you already kite and want to bring your personal gear, call us and we will give you a price reduction and a list of kite activities (amazing downwinds, kite in local hidden spots, special classes as foilboard riding, strapless riding etc) you will love to do.

Want to know what kitesurfing is about and what you are going to learn in your lessons? Check the first lesson here!!

But kitesurfing is not all you will do.


Almost everyday you´ll have a yoga class before breakfast. You will descend the river with a SUP, horseback riding at night, surfing in the morning in the paradisiac Encuentro beach, dance salsa and visit remote places and wild nature in this unforgettable travel experience.


The tour is designed for max 8 people, in order to give you a “family feeling”, make friends and enjoy group activities. In case a day the wind will not show up (rare, but possible), we prepared different activities we are sure you will love.


We’ll take care of everything, from picking you up at the airport, teaching you kitesurfing in best and the safest way, showing you around and get the feeling of the caribbean life.


More than just a kitesurfing holiday!

  • Kitesurf

    Kitesurf is the main trip activity. You will learn how to kitesurf from basic or to master your skills if you are an independent rider.
  • Yoga

    You will enjoy a morning yoga class in a beautiful caribbean setting
  • Horseback riding

    Horseback riding in a beutiful wild nature landscape, all in a safe and fun way
  • Partying

    You will enjoy the fabulous night out at cabarete beach, dancing salsa and latin music few meters from the beach.
  • Tubing - SUP down the river

    You will tube or SUP down the river in a beautiful scenery setting
  • Surf

    You will practice surfing in the amazing and pristine Encuentro Beach, just few miles out of town
  • Canyoning

    This amazing adventure will take you to the beautiful area of Jarabacoa where you will hike, jump and rappel down some of the most amazing creations of Mother Nature
  • What if there is no wind?

    We have lots of other activities ready for you in case of a no wind day: Ziplineing, Mountain Biking, snorkeling, diving and different day trips.


And more about the itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Your first day in Cabarete: the motto for today is just RELAX

  • POP Airport Pick UP and transfer to the house

    We´ll pick you up at Puerto Plata airport with our toughdonkey van and we´ll bring you to the house, where you can rest and have a day off to recover the energy, ready for the adventure! Arriving at a different airport? Let us know and we figure out how to get you.
  • Free afternoon

    You´ll have a free afternoon where you can discover the town, have a swim at the beach or just chill out at the house.
  • Dinner together - welcoming night

    We´ll have dinner together at the house, you´ll get to know us, the toughdonkey crew and the other group members.

Day 2

Let´s start your kitesurfing career: on day 2, you´ll have a good excursion in the morning before your first kite lesson on kite beach. Dinner will be cooked at home by our chef and then we´ll have some beers altogether

  • Yoga

    Before breakfast, we´ll have a yoga class that will pump up our day!
  • Puerto plata sightseeing + Sosua Beach lunch

    We´ll bring you to the Mirador of Puerto Plata, from which you can look at all the coast and nature. After that we´ll have lunch and a swim in the beautiful Sosua beach.
  • 1st Kite Lesson

    After lunch we´ll go to kite beach for the first kite lesson. In this you´ll learn how to control the kite on the beach.

Day 3

In this day, you will try a surf lesson at the beautiful Encuentro beach in the morning. You will then go for your second kite lesson, and feel the power of the kite pulling you in the bodydrag. Get ready for lot of laugh at the karaoke night at the beach!

  • Surfing Lesson in Encuentro Beach

    After yoga and breakfast, you are going to have a surf lesson at the idillic Encuentro beach.
  • 2nd Kite Lesson

    Water lesson. You will mainly learn how to: 1) Body-drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides, 2) Body-drag Upwind and with the board
  • Karaoke on the beach

    You will laugh so much your belly will hurt. You´ll sing with your feet on the sand.

Day 4

We want you to get on the board in paradise. That is why we are going to bring you to the little fishermen town of Buen Hombre (good man in spanish). We are going to stay the next two days here kiting, meeting local people and see amazing places.

  • Trip to Buen Hombre

    After breakfast we will leave to Buen Hombre, a little fishermen village close to the Haitian border. Trip is about 3 hours long with our toughdonkey van. At arrival we will have lunch altogether.
  • 3rd Kite Lesson

    Time to get on the board and do your first waterstar!
  • Dinner and bonfire

    After dinner, we will have a bonfire and beers (or rum ;P) at the beach together with local people.

Day 5

You will remember this day for the early morning trip to Paradise Island. We want to be among the first to come to the little sandy island so that we can have it almost all for ourselves. Some snorkeling and then back to Buen Hombre again for kiting!

  • Morning trip to Paradise Island

    Paradise Island (Cayo Arena) is a small sandy island, water are full of tropical fishes and coral.
  • 4th Kite Lesson in Buen Hombre

    Time for you to learn riding in the shallow and flat water of Buen Hombre
  • Back to Cabarete

    Trip back to Cabarete where we will have dinner and a relaxing night at the house. Those who have energy can go out partying.

Day 6

And we are back to Cabarete. Now you know how to waterstart and you are starting doing your first rides. Time to increase your level in the chopy water and waves! We will finish the day with a tubing and dinner at la Boca.

  • Kite Lesson / supervision

    Finally it is time for mastering your skills and improve riding in a more challenging situation: choppy water.
  • Tubing down the river

    We will tube down the Yasica river till the beach
  • Sunset and Dinner at La boca

    After tubing we will watch the sunset at the pristine "Cabarete Boca" and have dinner in a tipical Dominican restaurant in a perfect location.

Day 7

Canyoning is one of our donkeys´ favourite excursion. The place where we do it is amazing, you will see!

  • Canyoning

    This is one of the best activities you can do close to Cabarete. Everyone just loves it.
  • Kite Lesson / Supervision

    You are becoming a master at kitesurfing!
  • Horseback Riding at night

    Have you ever did horsebackriding at night?

Day 8

Last full day in Cabarete. You will have time to recover from the busy day you had yesterday, as the morning will be free. Enjoy your last rides in paradise, and then prepare yourself for the toughdonkey last night party at the beach!

  • Free morning at cabarete beach

    After the busy day you had yesterday, just do whatever you feel like in the morning: surf, sleep, relax...
  • Kite lesson / Supervision

    Just enjoy your last rides in paradise!
  • Last party night in Cabarete

    Let´s celebrate the toughdonkey adventure with the best party in town. Be careful with the rum!

Day 9 - Departure

Already time to go back home, or you want to move here?

  • Free time till departure

    Breakfast, last yoga class and then free time till departure
  • Transfer to airport

    We will transfer you to Puerto Plata airport, or organize your transfer to any other aiports


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