Welcome to your first day of lessons Tough Donkey!!!


This post is designed to help you understand and anticipate what you will learn or for you to revisit what you learnt during your first day of lesson.

It is useful to read and understand all the things we are going to show you here, and your learning curve will be much faster!

All our instructor are IKO certified, and we´re going to follow the IKO standard procedures in teaching you how to kitesurf.


S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment  


Selecting your site is really important in your kiteboarding session. The most important thing you have to do when you get to the beach, is to check the wind direction, in relation to the beach:


Wind directions

In red, you can see the directions considered unsafe for kiteboarding.


Time now for you to play a bit with a TRAINER KITE


This kite is a 2 lines little kite. It is really useful for understanding the steering of a kite and discover the wind window and how to generate power.


Let´s move now to an Inflatable Kite.


Kite Set Up


Setting up the kite is really easy, but it is really important to do it right. Watch the video!

Use of kite safety systems


This is the most important thing you are going to learn today. As a good donkey, you will have to remember this all your life.


First safety system: LETTING GO OF THE BAR


Second safety system: EJECT ON THE CHICKEN LOOP


Third and final safety: EJECT ON YOUR LEASH


What is happening on each of them? check the video here:


First Piloting


Once you know the safety systems, you will pilot the inflatable kite and do various exercises with the instructor such as:

First piloting and explore the Wind Window’s Edge

Let Go of the Bar

Twist and Untwist the Lines

Flying One-Handed

Walking While Flying the Kite

Launching and Landing as a Pilot

In flight Quick Release Activation


You can see some basics of kite flying here


Most accidents happen on the beach. That is why is really important to understand and practice the Launching and Landing of the kite as a pilot.


Here you can watch a good video on how to do it properly